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Personalizing Custom Homes 
Since 1990

Designed and Built for You

You deserve to live where you want. At Norcutt Homes, we'll break ground on the lot you choose. If you're not a property owner yet, we'll be your guide to finding available land in a location that works for you and your family. 

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At Norcutt Homes, we customize each home to provide for your individual styles and interests, so when you step inside, you're walking into a home that both reflects and enhances your personal lifestyle. It's about more than just the color of your walls; it's about the way your family wants to live. When you work with Norcutt Homes, you have complete freedom to decide the look and feel of every aspect of your home. From colors, trim and room design, to the overall style, nothing is off limits. 

Our Services

As a custom design build firm, Norcutt Homes will bring you from concept to completion, resulting in a rewarding and enjoyable home building experience. From initial design sketches to finalized plans, we offer complete architectural design services with an emphasis on personalization and attention to details. 

We feature interior design services to guide you through planning of living spaces as well as making selections. Norcutt Homes will lead you through the process of making your decision on everything from cabinetry, lighting, plumbing, fixtures, and appliances to paints, stains, floor coverings, stone, brick, siding, and roofing. 

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